E-Comm Structure

Members that are actively using the wide-area radio system receive one Class A share for each participating service using the radio system.

In order to protect the rights of Metro Vancouver municipalities that will want to use the radio service, Class B shares are issued for each service that intends to use the radio system but is not participating at the present time. Therefore, municipalities may hold a combination of Class A and Class B shares.

Function of shares

As with any corporation, shareholders appoint a Board of Directors to make certain decisions on behalf of the shareholders. However, there are certain decisions that will be the responsibility of Member organizations:

  • amendment of the purposes of the corporation
  • cost-sharing formulae for new services
  • amendments to the existing cost share formula for services
  • amendments relating to the conditions for admitting new members
  • amendments relating to processes for appointing directors
  • winding up or dissolution of the company

Members holding Class A shares also vote on the following issues

  • amendments to the existing cost share program
  • borrowings exceeding those set forth in the authorized annual operating budget of capital budget
  • any matter which is referred to the member holding Class A shares by the Board of Directors

Members list

The following is the list of members of E-Comm, and the shares that each holds: